Interior Design

Real estate purchases in certain areas of The Catskills and even parts of the Lower Hudson Valley have a price point advantage. The lower home prices compared to other, similar areas an equal distance from New York City, are due, in part, to the availability of properties in “as is” condition. While restoration work is viewed by some as an exciting prospect, others have neither the time nor constitution for it.

“Managing your own construction/renovation project is like choosing to skydive without a parachute, not advisable and most certainly ensuring an undesirable route and outcome,” Randy always says!

While The Rural Connection works hard to find unique country properties for weekenders and/or city transplants, The Rural Collection, Randy’s construction, renovation, restoration and interior design firm, takes the fear out of new home ownership in a remote location! A talented array of contractors, carpenters, architects and designers are available for restoration and renovation projects if a home buyer decides that he/she wants help after closing. Imagine a chef’s kitchen, an artist’s studio, or a move in day that means only having to bring your toothbrush! We’ll make it a reality by seamlessly integrating these upgrades to fit the character of your new property. From total project management to design advice to help procuring competent professionals, The Rural Collection is your partner in finding and transforming the country house of your dreams.

Many of Randy’s clients, from far ranging locations, aren’t people who just purchased a home from him, but rather own a home that they desired redone. These clients are attracted to his livable and alluring décor taste. And, just like The Rural Connection, Randy and The Rural Collection offer a wide-ranging approach with regard to interior design services from a minor consultation on a bathroom makeover to building a new home from the ground up!

A country home doesn’t have to mean the style is limited to traditional décor choices. Randy works as often with modern and midcentury interiors as he does with country décor, which he is best known for! He has developed a decorating style for those who fantasize about living in a modern minimally furnished home but find themselves living in a more pedestrian style home and are unaware of all the possibilities for a home makeover. Blending different aesthetics can prove a challenge to an amateur home designer but Randy has mastered this juxtaposition. Taking the fear and DYI disasters out of home improvement will make new home ownership and restoration projects a successful and enjoyable experience!

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