About The Lower Hudson Valley & The Catskills

Imagine an idyllic rural 19th century antiquity, the sweet charm of a modest farmer and his crop, the creativity of local artists, and the enchanting embrace of an entire community. A place of clear minds, full hearts, and quiet nights.

The Lower Hudson Valley (Putnam, Westchester, Orange, and Dutchess Counties) and The Catskills (Sullivan and Ulster Counties) are just that-a New York get-a-way, unknown to many and loved by all who discover it. From Manhattan, skate by car or train on a one to two-hour ride up the gorgeous Hudson River, to find a land teaming with American history and sprinkled with contemporary B&B’s, organic diners, craft beer, endless antique shops, local artisans treasures, and well-kept natural hiking and ski trails. Many of such grounds once home and muse to artists such as Carrie Haddad, Frederic Edwin Church, Washington Irving and even the peace singers of the original Woodstock Festival.

With a sense of community, the entire region is patriotic in the truest and most original sense of the term. The Lower Hudson Valley and Catskills reflect a classic and simpler life, without the hustle and bustle of our modern New York City, which can grow wearisome by each week’s end. It is a place unlike any other in New York State; and therefore, the perfect weekend getaway.

Many residents of this bucolic countryside lead self-sustaining lives, whether they are indulging at a Brooklyn-restaurateur’s farm-to-table restaurant, or growing their own backyard crops. One can take a drive along the smooth windy roads lined with lush foliage, overlooking vast and pristine rivers, some of which are known as the birthplace of American fly-fishing.

Manhattanites: Consider spending your weekend connecting with like minded weekenders : visit local artisan shops for handmade and homegrown goods, kayak the Hudson, ride horses along hidden trails, wander from village to country antique or localized stores…. or reading a book tucked away at home.

Let us at The Rural Connection bridge your city days to country weekends.

“There is a serene and settled majesty to woodland scenery that enters into the soul and delights and elevates it, and fills it with noble inclinations.”

Washington Irving.