Randy Florke

Randy Florke has an uncanny knack for predicting trends without succumbing to them, guided by a perspective that’s consistently spot-on yet beguilingly fresh. His early entrée into upstate New York, promoted out of this New York City West Village storefront, is but one example of his ahead-of-the-pack mentality. Recognizing the beauty of upstate New York with its rolling hills, ample farmland and plentiful waterways, Randy provided an alternative to weekend McMansions and traffic-clogged highways. At Randy’s real estate office in Greenwich Village, clients are much more likely to hear about a 19th century working farm flanked by cow pastures or a tucked away unexpected midcentury modern home with expansive views than an over sized weekend beachfront home complete with exaggerated price tag bragging!

Randy honed his skill as a “home finder” during his many years as a contributing editor at Country Living magazine where he helped the editors find locations that emphasized a story or idea they were trying to highlight. He would often times transform these “off the beaten path” properties into stunning layouts to share with the much-interested readers of the magazine.

Imagination is the first step to realization. After conjuring a colonial-style house in his mind’s eye, Randy came upon an unlikely means to bring it to fruition: prefab manufacturing. Turns out that Randy’s design for a modular “vintage style” home that can be completed in a few weeks realizes many homebuyers’ needs. Randy’s modular homes were a first of its kind when they launched several years ago and added a real panache that was a radical addition to the pre-fab marketplace.

Realtor, editor, stylist, designer, and renovator: the range of hats worn comfortably by Randy means a large presence in a variety of media. Appearances on the Today Show, features in W Magazine and Country Living magazines, and the publication of his books, Your House, Your Home as well as Restore, Recycle, Repurpose all conspire to make Randy Florke a household name. But his early beginning on a farm in the American heartland keep this innovator grounded, as do a growing family and the joys and demands of fatherhood.