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Randy Florke

  "Randy Florke left Iowa years ago. But it's his background in the great American midwest that has made him a success today."
Elsa Klensch, CNN Style Correspondent

Randy Florke has an uncanny knack for predicting trends without succumbing to them, guided by a perspective that's consistently spot-on yet beguilingly fresh. His early entrée into the real estate of Sullivan County in upstate New York is but one example of his ahead-of-the-pack mentality. Recognizing the beauty of this county of rolling hills, ample farmland and plentiful waterways, Randy provided an alternative to weekend McMansions and traffic-clogged highways. At Randy's real estate office in Greenwich Village, clients are much more likely to hear about a 19 th century working farm flanked by cow pastures than an upscale beach house near high-style restaurants.

Another reflection of his innovative sense of style can be found in the pages of Country Living magazine. Randy scouts for unique locations in his capacity as an editor, and transforms them, creating interiors sprung from a rural upbringing, yet leavened with the influences of world-wide travel and urban living. As sought-after for his design expertise as he is for his access to tantalizing country properties, Randy not only finds his client a weekend dream home but also restores and decorates it from top to bottom.

Imagination is the first step to realization. After conjuring a colonial-style house in his mind's eye, Randy came upon an unlikely means to bring it to fruition: prefab manufacturing. Turns out that Randy's design for a modular “vintage style” home that can be completed in a few weeks realizes many homebuyers' needs. With the first of a series of styles designed and ready for purchase, Randy's modular homes with panache are a radical new addition to the pre-fab marketplace.

Realtor, editor, stylist, designer, and renovator: the range of hats worn comfortably by Randy means a large presence in a variety of media. Appearances on the Today Show , features in Metropolitan Home and Country Living magazines, and the publication of his book, Your House, Your Home all conspire to make Randy Florke a household name. But his early beginning on a farm in the American heartland keep this innovator grounded, as do a growing family and the joys and demands of fatherhood.



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